Three questions to Patrick Jouin

The Jouin-Manku agency has designed the interior architecture of the entire CAP3000, including of course Corso and, more specifically, the Rivea restaurant. In addition, the co-founder of the agency, Patrick Jouin, has already worked frequently on the establishments of the Maison Ducasse. Meet this space designer with a well-established reputation.

What was your main source of inspiration ?

CAP3000 is a source of inspiration in itself. It is an iconic place for the inhabitants of the region, of course. But also, more generally, in terms of the retail sector, since it is the first shopping center of this size in France. And CAP3000 benefits from an absolutely exceptional location, bordering the Var and offering a magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

What challenges did you have to meet ?

We thought a lot about all those who come to use this space, whether to shop or simply to walk around. So we wanted a very open, welcoming place. The structure of the building and even more so the name of the premium wing (“Corso”) are reminiscent of the Italian corso, of which Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the perfect example: an elegant shopping mall where it is pleasant to stroll.

What is your greatest pride ?

I would probably put first our intervention for the space of the Manufactures and the Rivea restaurant. We have made it a quality space, but at the same time a relaxed, colorful space that everyone can visit according to their mood and desires. And I would add that contributing in this way to showcasing Alain Ducasse’s passion for the Mediterranean is obviously an immense satisfaction.